Ranking Competition


*Note: Rank Competition is a competition where the awards given are belts which signifies individual ranks. Participants will compete in order to attain there desired Tournament rank.
Ranks that an individual won in his/her previous competition will be his/her rank for the next competition until the individual attains the Final rank. Individuals that are in Final rank must defend his/her rank to other challengers.

[Note: Ranks won in the tournaments is Incomplete until Combat Belting Criteria had been met. Our idea here is to promote both sports and combat for sports arnis practioners]

In the Rank Competition, we promote to upheld the virtue which is totally being neglected in FMA Community
– “Sportsmanship”
and also Introduce the very most importance of both –
Combat and – Sports

Local Tournaments
* Can only promoted from White until Green

a) If you are white Belt
After 3 Wins then you can be promoted to yellow
* After 4 Wins then you can be promoted to blue
* After 5 Wins then you can be promoted to green
b) If you are already colored belt
* You wont be competing from the white, But you will be competing starting with your rank.

National Tournaments
* Privileged to be Brown and Black
* Green and Brown cannot be promoted unless they already complied with their Combat Belts.


Through Competition we will be enlightened on how to overcome our self-imposed shortcomings.

When you respect others, you will gain their loyalty. It takes discipline to keep what you have gained.
Courage is essential, for you will distinguish yourself from others. It
will take much self control to be unaffected by negative,
jealous conduct. When participating in tournaments,
sportsmanship raises your are to the highest level,
thereby revealing our individuality and our skills against
the “normal standard”. then contentment to the fullest will be achieved if you seek the heritage and value of the art


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