13 Death Anniversary of GM Remy Presas

13 Death Anniversary of GM Remy Presas –
“He Who Revived the Dying Art” (Aug 2014)



– Yoga Exercise by Guro Dada
– Commemoration and Sharing of Experience with Guro Remy
from the Loyal students of Remy Presas
(GM Rene Tongson, GM Bambit Dulay, GM Rodel Dagooc, Datu Shishir Inocalla)
– What he have contributed to the FMA
– His Life with the FMA Community, Family, Friends
– His goals for the future generation
– His inherited mission to the Filipino Arnisadors
– Inspirational Talk and Seminar with Datu Shishir Inocalla
– Seminar from other Masters and instructors
– Release of two new Anyo of Presas
– Get together of Modern Arnis Students
– Baybayin Introduction

*** Students of the following with their clubs:

GM Rodel Dagooc from Dagooc System
GM Rene Tongson from the classical tres puntas,
GM Bambit Dulay from the modern arnis tapitapi manila
Datu Shishir Inocalla from All Arnis Maharlika
Organized by: Modern Arnis Tapitapi – Manila

Other Supporting Organization

Modern Arnis TapiTapi International
Worldwide Family of Modern Arnis
International Modern Arnis Federation Philippines
All Arnis Maharlika FMA World Federation INC.

We also have synchronized event for the 13
th death anniversary of Remy Presas 

in imafp negros,
Modern Arnis tapitapi (mati) officers and members, during the recently concluded August 30,2014 tribute to grandmaster Amador Remy Presas at Iloilo Tinagan School of Martial Arts, Inc. Matti officers Dayang Girlie Delotavo Tinagan and Lakan June Tanalgo, during signed legacy for imafp pioneer at iloilo chapter Exposure of Modern Arnis Tapi Tapi stick and hand to hand Techniques and Labanan sports contact to be held at Iloilo Tinagan School of Martial Arts Bothoan ng MATTI Iloilo Chapter


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