History of the PRESAS LEGACY

The Presas Martial Art Style started from Leon Presas a veteran of the Spanish-American War and a formidable Arnisador. Passes it to his son Jose Presas, a businessman and a liutenant in the US Guerilla Movement and to his 3 Grandsons Remy, Ernesto and Roberto Presas in a small fishing village of hinigaran, Negros occidental. The art was passes from generation to the generation.
On the Mid of 1950’s Foreign martial was introduced in the region by the elite, the popularity grows, as well as the Martial Art business, many shifted to foreign martial art. Meanwhile, Grandmasters of Arnis de Mano secretly and fiercely taught the art only to selected few, Arnis de Mano is dying.
Prof. Remy A. Presas explore his art and seek more knowledge from other regions.
1958 he modified the dying native martial art of the Filipinos and called it Modern Arnis. Arnis was revived when it was taught in Ministry of Education.
He moved to the United States to introduce Filipino Martial Art and the Culture. He was inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame as Instructor of the Year and is recognised as the “Father of Modern Arnis”. Popularized “Tapi Tapi” The Art within Art & The way of the Flow Concept. His ambition is to make FMA – Arnis the Martial Art of the World.

GGM Ernesto Presas is an athlete in various sports, trained different martial arts and various forms of Filipino and Japanese weaponry. Continue to spread Modern Arnis in the country established his own school the ARJUKEN and the IPMAF. On his height of popularity he began to spread the Filipino martial art outside the country and was featured at Inside Kung Fu cover to recognize as “The Father of Mano-Mano” the art he created. He renamed his system to “Kombatan”. GGM Ernesto Presas continues Modern Arnis in the country and slowly introducing the dying Classical Art of Arnis in the motherland. He help to revived the Classical Arnis which is the missing link of Kuridas and Tapi Tapi.

GM Roberto A. Presas was ask by his Elder Brother Prof. Remy A. Presas to lead the International Modern Arnis Federation Philippines in 1999 which Prof. Remy himself organized in his home region. So that Tapi Tapi – the way of the Flow concept will be internalize by the Filipino modern arnis practitioners. But Instead, GM Roberto continue his system and create the Hinigaran Arnis Style, reviving his old family system. He changed his version of the art a lot.
But later on 2012, he accepted Remys offer to lead and be the Head Grandmaster of IMAFP. He incorporated his 2 Brothers system and name it the Presas Legacy Style.
the Arnis Presas Style techniques became widely accepted and adopted by different countries specially in Europe, United States, Canada, UAE, Asia and etc.
Now, FMA is widely spread all over the world, many visited the Philippines to learn and earn rank from different Grandmasters
Roberto Presas destined to continue his family dream… the “Presas Legacy Art”.


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